Interobang is an incubator and product studio. Here are a few products we're working on.
Intercept customer experience softwae

Gather Customer Feedback at Scale

Until now, the way many companies capture customer feedback has been fundamentally flawed. Intercept catches customers in real-time - understanding what they are thinking, feeling and doing at the exact moment they experience your brand. Launching April 2019.

Bringing loved ones closer together through storytelling

For those who value saving and sharing memories, Quilted brings depth and life to the stories that make up both our life legacies and current special experiences. Unlike surface storytelling through social media, or worse, losing out on the memories entirely, Quilted makes it easy to document and share these stories along the way which in turn brings us closer together now.

We believe it is a tragedy to reserve our greatest stories for major life events like weddings and funerals. Quilted aims to help create new habits around sharing our stories with the ones we love today to create new conversations and deeper connections.

What we believe

We have one relentless goal - create incredible products that people love and make a real impact. Here's how we operate.

We take on a founder's mindset. That means "rules" are always negotiable and "that's how we have always done it" is never an excuse. The best ideas are nonlinear - inconsistent with the past.

As believers in the philosophy "launch early and often", we exclusively pursue products that embrace speed. We look and act like a lean startup that has a gift of letting go quickly when we need to, and love all that failure teaches us.


We know we don't have all the answers. But as master experimenters with a product mindset rooted in adaptation, we obsess over creating the best product possible for our customers and know that success favors excellence in execution.


Customers are our most influential stakeholders. Not management, profit or investors.

We only invest in building products that solve a real problem and make a real difference - all while making it appear incredibly simple. 


Lacey Brown

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Managing Director

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Product Director

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Product Manager